About Study Smart

Study Smart is a tech company which is proud to be working alongside the Trinity Academy.

Nadia Bentoua who has a background in teaching, course development, teacher training, educational app design and e-learning founded the company in 2013. Nadia’s passion for education and technology, frustration with current pedagogical methods and anger at the attainment gap in UK schools led her to create Study Smart.



Giedrius Zebrauskas, the lead developer of Study Smart, had the chance to experience education in many different types of schools – from small public schools to International Baccalaureate and a top UK university. He was extremely excited upon meeting Nadia and realising that his experience in computer science and web development could be used to create amazing technologies that would help all schools get a chance at the best resources for education.


Our Partners

Study Smart is proud to work with skill teachers and educational professionals from a variety of award-winning institutions:

Pete Sides

Pete Sides

Formerly Head of Maths at Notre Dame High School in Sheffield, Pete now leads the newly formed South Yorkshire Maths Hub.

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