The Problem

With the new, more challenging National Curriculum, the demands made on teachers and children, especially in Maths, are increasing. Now more than ever, students are required to be proficient at problem solving in order to meet these demands and do well in their assessments. However, England’s performance in the international league tables for Maths continues to drop, which indicates the need for change.

The missing element is a strong Mastery approach to Maths. ‘Mastery’ is the principle that students should have a strong grasp of the basics before moving on to more advanced material. This helps to identify struggling students and assist them in laying a solid foundation of understanding, ensuring that all students have the knowledge they need to tackle classwork and assessments. More advanced students also benefit, as Mastery provides them with a good platform from which to tackle more advanced questions and topics.

What we need is a tool to help us achieve this Mastery approach: Bar Modelling.

The Solution


Bar Modelling a method of pictorial representation used by schools in Singapore and other high-performing jurisdictions, and it is a key part of their successful Maths programmes. By bridging the gap between concrete objects and abstract symbols, bar model diagrams allow children to more easily grasp the basics of abstract number manipulation.


Students often struggle to engage with problem solving questions in Maths, in part because they lack a clear method with which to tackle them. Bar Modelling is very useful in this sense, giving students a way to break down the problem into its component parts and tackle them individually.


Bar Modelling is a powerful tool, not only helping children achieve Mastery of the basics but giving them a strong method of problem solving, giving teachers and students everything they need to meet the challenges of the new National Curriculum.

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This product contains:

  • A framework of increasingly sophisticated exercises, complemented by both physical and digital resources, aimed at Primary and Secondary maths learners.
  • Intuitive stages introduce new concepts and new levels of complexity at a manageable pace, providing a structure which teachers can use to guide pupil development.
  • Paper-based resources that can be used as worksheets in class, including guidance for teachers and action points for struggling or advanced students.
  • A dedicated app, allowing pupils to hone and develop their newfound skills outside of the classroom, in collaboration with parents and even under timed conditions.
  • The first in the Logik series, with planned future titles including FractionLogik, ProportionLogik and CircleLogik.

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Times Tables with Bar Modelling

“Computer-based multiplication tests for 11-year-olds will be trialed in schools later this year, Nicky Morgan has confirmed. Under the proposals, pupils will be tested at the end of their time at primary school to make sure they all know their times tables up to 12 x 12, in line with the Conservatives’ general election manifesto commitment.”
Schools Week, 2016

This product contains:

  • A package designed with Mastery in mind – digital, voiced exercises introduce students to the topic, helping them get to grips with the basics.
  • Lessons show students how to apply Bar Modelling to multiplication, giving them a strong tool with which to tackles problem solving in future assessment.
  • Online practice exercises designed for children to complete at their own pace, with scaling levels of guidance that consolidate understanding and foster confidence.
  • A system of fun virtual avatars and rewards that incentivises progress and encourages students to follow up on topics independently outside of class.
  • Tools that allow teachers to track student progress online, mark exercises, and assign homework for students to complete.




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