Is my classroom ready for digital resources?

In short, yes. If you’re not already using apps or webapps in your classroom, then it’s absolutely time to embrace the new age. Teenagers speak ‘tech’ as their native language, and by using mobile and e-learning in the classroom you will notice immediate improvements in attention and focus, especially from challenging cohorts. Just try it and see.

I am not good with computers myself, so how can I use them in my classroom?

All the resources are easy to use, there’s absolutely no need to be ‘techy’. If you have any difficulties, please contact us and one of the directors will be available to talk you through the process step-by-step. If possible, we’d be happy to come to your school and give a short CPD session on how to install and make the most of the Study Smart resources.

How can I ensure the students are studying and aren’t social networking in class?

All the resources are equipped with an inactivation buzzer. If a student logs into Facebook, their work will be inactive, and the teacher is immediately notified. The inactivation notification also allows the teacher to see who is having trouble with the work, or who is stuck on a particular topic.

What if I only have one computer in the classroom? How to manage with limited ipads / laptops / computers?

If there is only access to one or a few classroom computers then the teacher can create group activities or assign class teams, with captains to input answers. This won’t reflect individual students’ understanding, but can be even more engaging and inspiring if students respond well to group work.

How can I use these resources with no classroom computer? What if the only computer in the classroom is broken?

You can set the quizzes as homework (including starter and plenary), as long as the students have access to the internet at home or in school. Alternatively, you can print the quizzes off to do as paper-based work in class.

What if my student forgets their log-in and password?

Teachers have the ability to reset all passwords without having to contact us.

Bar Modelling

What is Bar Modelling, exactly?

Bar Modelling is a tool used to represent numbers pictorially, bridging the gap between concrete and abstract methods. It is used extensively in new textbooks endorsed by the DFE, and has been applied to great effect in high-performing jurisdictions like China and Singapore. Our package is designed to introduce teachers and students to this innovative technique, and provide all the resources needed to incorporate it into a Mastery approach to learning Maths.

I’m new to Bar Modelling, is that a problem?

Not at all - our products have everything you need to get started. You can follow the Professional Development programme to understand how and why Bar Modelling is such a useful tool, as well as how to implement it.

What age/level of students can this help?

Our products are designed to be able to help all students from primary to secondary school, from SATS to GCSE, and from KS2 and beyond. Early on, many students struggle with some of the key basics of number manipulation, and in later stages the new curriculum’s focus on problem solving makes a foundation of understanding more important than ever.

Is Bar Modelling only useful to struggling students?

Bar modelling can help students of all levels of learning achievement take great steps forward in their work and understanding. It can help stretch the highest attaining students, allowing them to engage with and solve the most difficult of problems, as well as assist those who are having difficulties.

Can I just use Bar Modelling for a single topic?

Yes, have a look at these problems from new KS2 and GCSE papers and see how bar modelling is helpful in solving them. You will be impressed. Of course! However, we would encourage you to use Bar Modelling wherever possible in your lessons. By using the package consistently throughout the curriculum, children are given more consistent access to Bar Modelling as a problem solving technique applicable in a broad range of cases. This also helps you get the most use out of our products.