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Thank you very much, I love how you explain in lots of detail which is what leads me to understand, textbooks don’t agree with me but your way of explaining does!
Thanks to you I moved from an E in physics to an A* and from a U in chemistry to a B in my latest exams
This really helped me thank you even this wasn’t my exam board
Thank you so so so much! I’ve been looking for well-informed Edexcel Science Videos. I have to do the Core Exams by myself and your videos help so much. It’s like having ur own tutor :)


What is Portable Science Tutor?

Portable Science Tutor is a suite of digital resources (currently a website, soon to be a downloadable app) aimed at students.

What does PST contain?

  • Topic checklist
  • Video Lessons covering EVERY aspect of the spec delivered by an experienced and passionate science teacher
  • Shorter video clips dealing with one sub-topic at a time
  • 100s of short answer questions representative of real edexcel exam questions
  • Over 100 extended answer questions with animated mark schemes to help embed learning
  • The ability to take snapshot photos of keynotes which will be stored in an organised and downloadable filing system – ideal for revision on the go
  • Share your problems using our student notice board. E.g. finding a question difficult? Post it on our wall and everyone benefits from the answer

With a focus on achieving excellence in understanding and exam technique up to an A* standard, Portable Science Tutor covers every aspect of the EDEXCEL curriculum, along with many topics from AQA.

Our review material includes questions styled after both short-answer and extended exam questions, and is supported by a student help board.

Created by

Created by Qasim Haque, STEM teacher of the year 2014, in cooperation with Study Smart, Portable Science Tutor draws upon Qasim’s passion and experience teaching science.

Need a sample? Check out one of Qasim’s videos below – be sure to check the comments section to see what the students have to say:

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